Don’t let distance stand in the way to you feeling well.  During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have refined Online Shiatsu Sessions so that, together with my guidance, you will learn how to listen, diagnose and treat your own body.  You can feel well and in harmony with your own body.

Together we use guided exercises to assess the body and find out what it needs. Sessions can be recorded upon request and sent to you with follow up recipes, Self Shiatsu sequences, and Chi flow exercises.  It is the complete package.

During a traditional shiatsu session, I use touch to communicate with the body’s energy system; assessing, diagnosing areas and organs that need support and those that need calming, through constant contact between my hands and the client’s body.  Online we do it together so not only do you receive a treatment you also learn potent acupressure points to use on yourself in the future.

If you are low in energy, you feel weak or dizzy often we tonify the Chi/Qi whereas if you are feeling pain and discomfort we will move the Chi. Using a variety of the simple techniques below we can change the energy and how you feel.  With guidance it can be easy to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy) and work on the specific organs to benefit health.

Many of the techniques you will find me using every morning in the Chi Flow with Jo – High Flying Energy Club.  They are simple to learn and effective to use.  I also use Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Diagnostics to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy).

I send an assessment form before the session on your current diet, medication, past medical history and current body functions so I have information before we begin and can best make use of our time.  Session are via Zoom and recording can be sent to you following the session if requested.  All treatments come with follow up recipes, a list of foods to use in future recipes, self-acupressure points and lifestyle guidance

  • Single 60-minute consultation €60
  • Series of 3 consultations set at your convenience €150