1-1 Reconnect Sessions


Too tired to do anything but sit on the sofa but wide awake when your head hits the pillow?

Thought your periods would stop as you began to get older, but no, yours are getting heavier?

Snappy and nervous with friends, family and at work because you feel jittery on the inside?

Feeling dry, inside and out, no matter how much water you drink, conditioner, moisturiser or lube you use?

These symptoms are your body talking to you.

What if you could listen and understand what it was saying? What if you knew how to talk to your body and give it what it needs to refuel and balance hormones naturally? Your body is not outside your control.

With my specialised support, we can understand what is at the root of your symptoms and how to fix them. You can feel well, full of energy, joy and with a passion for life by taking small steps with diet and lifestyle changes.

Book an Online Reconnect session now, learn to understand what your symptoms are telling you and work together to change them.


In my Shiatsu practice I attune to your body. I feel what you feel and help you get the pain free, easy going, happy, energy filled, positive life you deserve.

  • If there’s something in your life that you are struggling with,

  • I’ll give you a bigger picture look at it,

  • what might be causing it, and

  • how you can move through it.

Together we find out which organs are out of balance and how to rectify them with Self-Shiatsu, Food Medicine and Energy Exercises.  Don’t let distance stand in the way to you feeling well.  During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have refined Online Shiatsu Sessions so that, with my guidance, you will learn how to listen, diagnose and treat your own body. 

Following a treatment you will experience a reduction in symptoms plus a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.  With the support of the follow up guidance and recommendations, your awareness and control over your own energy and your own body will increase. You will be able to flow through the changes in your everyday life to feel balanced and well, full of energy and passion for your life’s purpose.


    During a traditional shiatsu session, I use touch to communicate with the body’s energy system; assessing, diagnosing areas and organs that need support and those that need calming, through constant contact between my hands and the client’s body.

    I also use Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Diagnostics to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy). 

    Online we do it together, so not only do you receive a treatment you also learn potent acupressure points, diagnostic tools and Chi Gong energy exercises to use on yourself in the future.

    If you are low in energy, you feel weak or dizzy we strengthen, whereas if you are feeling pain and discomfort we will move the energy.

    Using a variety of the simple techniques we can change the energy and how you feel.  With guidance it can be easy to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy) and work on the specific organs to benefit health. 


    Duration 75 minutes

    Get in touch with your body

    Includes follow up recommendations especially for you, recipes, self shiatsu points, energy exercises, dietary advice and lifestyle guidance.  Your session is recorded and emailed to you. )

    Using the 5 element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine plus facial, hara and tongue diagnosis.

    I assess your condition, discuss what changes you would like in your life and together we develop a compassionate dialogue with your body.

    Using your symptoms as a start to empathy and enquiry, we allow the body to speak as it guides us to through a self-shiatsu routine.

    All sessions are recorded so you can watch back the Shiatsu points and Chi Gong exercises, practicing them in your own time to make a change to your condition. 

    3 private consultations + follow up videos

    As we allow the body to speak, you will gain new insights and understanding into your body and the behaviours, tensions and pain you carry. Using powerful acupressure points and energy exercises that will work best for you, emotionally and physically. You can then practice them in your own home as often as you need.

    1st Consultation
    specific video routine recorded especially for you demonstrating the acupressure points from your consultation so that you can practice at home anytime.

    2nd Consultation
    Chi Gong exercise routine especially designed and recorded for you

    3rd Consultation
    Instructional food medicine video recipe, demonstrating the best recipe/food for you plus a list of foods that will be of benefit to you going forward.