Don’t let distance stand in the way to you feeling well.  During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have refined Online Shiatsu Sessions so that, with my guidance, you will learn how to listen, diagnose and treat your own body.  With Online Shiatsu you can gain a deep understanding and connection with your own body, feeling well and in harmony with the energy of the universe.

With compassionate questioning, the body will guide us to the best self Shiatsu acupressure points and Chi Gong energy exercises.  Following a treatment you should experience a reduction in symptoms and a greater sense of wholeness and wellbing.  With the support of the follow up guidance downloads, your awareness of your own energy will increase, and you will be able to make create change in your everyday life. It is the complete package.

Conditions regularly helped by Shiatsu include menopause sweats, insomnia, palpitations, low energy, fear, anxiety, cramps, back pain, obsessive, compulsive behaviours, migraine, IBS and digestion issues.

During a traditional shiatsu session, I use touch to communicate with the body’s energy system; assessing, diagnosing areas and organs that need support and those that need calming, through constant contact between my hands and the client’s body. I also use Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Diagnostics to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy).  Online we do it together, so not only do you receive a treatment you also learn potent acupressure points, diagnostic tools and Chi Gong energy exercises to use on yourself in the future.

If you are low in energy, you feel weak or dizzy often we strengthen/tonify the Chi, whereas if you are feeling pain and discomfort we will move the Chi. Using a variety of the simple techniques below we can change the energy and how you feel.  With guidance it can be easy to determine the quality and position of your bodies Chi (energy) and work on the specific organs to benefit health.

An assessment form is sent to you before the session on your current diet, medication, past medical history and current body functions so I have information before we begin.  All treatments come with follow up recipes, a list of foods to use in future recipes, self-acupressure points and lifestyle guidance.

Single 75-minute consultation €95 includes a follow up bundle especially unique to you, including instructional food medicine video recipe, self shiatsu points, energy exercises, dietary advice and lifestyle guidance.

Series of 3 consultations set at your convenience €250 includes extra downloads to accompany the 3 consultations.

    • 1st consultation: Individual video routine demonstrating the acupressure points covered so that you can practice at home anytime.
    • 2nd consultation: Chi Gong exercise routine especially designed for you
    • 3rd consultation: Instructional food medicine video recipe, demonstrating the best recipe/food for you plus list of foods that will be of benefit to you going forward.

If you are a member of Chi Flow with Jo you receive a 20% discount – Single = €75 / Series of 3 = €200