Transform your well-being and revolutionize your healthy habits by joining me in daily LIVE Qi Gong classes with Chi Flow with Jo!

Embrace a new chapter of wellness in your life and experience the power of ancient practices to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and reflection by taking a break from the hustle and unwind at one of my Wellness Retreats, where you’ll indulge in Acupressure, Conscious Cooking food therapy, and the healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on a journey of holistic wellness and vitality.  Embrace this opportunity to prioritize your health and well-being.

Join me today and discover the transformative magic of Chi Flow with Jo!






Revolutionise your healthy habits – exercise with me in daily LIVE qi gong classes with Chi Flow with Jo, unwind on one of my Wellness Retreats and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with Acupressure, Conscious Cooking food therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


What To Expect

Joanne creates a vibrant, supportive, online community, where you can plug into your own inner spirit and life force energy every day, using Qi Gong exercise, acupressure, food therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the supportive connection of the group.

Live Longer, Live Healthier, Be Stronger – Body, Mind and Spirit

Add years to your life and most importantly, life to your years


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“Thanks Jo and everyone for your support. My relationship with food has changed. I've found my old love of wholefood eating, which has kick-started me cooking again (just has spelt and buckwheat scones with Greek yoghurt and apple & mixed-berry 'jam') Oh, and I've lost 7lbs. Brilliant!”

-Pam Gould

“This has been such an amazing experience . I feel lighter and healthier and even though I couldn't make too many of the live chi sessions I still felt part of the community which was a huge support. Thanks Jo for giving so much of your time and knowledge 🙏. I'm excited to see where the journey goes”

-Gilian Byrne

"So much gratitude to you and everyone,loved the 6 weeks and feeling lighter and much more conscious of the food I eat 🙏🙏🙏🦋"

-Margaret Carroll

"I’m really enjoying the practice and I’ve noticed that my abdomen isn’t bloated all the time since doing the chi gong regularly and this has been a problem for around 40 yrs . I think Jo is an amazing teacher, really excellent at explaining the meridian system in a really accessible way."

-Ruth Lander

"Jo has helped me over a number of years. her knowledge and skills are second to none. She has eased severe Torticollis many years ago. She also has supported my system through recommended diet and shiatsu after Gall Bladder removal. A session with Jo is an escape from the madness of day to day life. It allows my body a chance to relax and recover. "

-Jen Crawford

"I love joining Jo in this daily practice. I feel so much better when I start the day with chi flow with Jo."

-Mary Lovett

"Joined Joanne’s Flow with Jo group this month & what a find! I’ve loved the Chi flow each morning. It’s gentle & powerful & Joanne has a great energy & a world of knowledge. Feeling the benefits physically & mentally already. Highly recommend"

-Eithne McVerry

"I've been doing chi flow with Jo for 10 months now and it's become an important part of my day. Every month is different with a new theme and movements. Jo is a great teacher explaining everything clearly in the class, answering our questions in the live chat after the session and sending out daily emails with more detail and diagrams to elaborate and clarify different points. Jo's enthusiasm for Qi Gong and its benefits is contagious. Come to a free class and try it. You won't regret it!"

-Barbara Yeme

"Really pleased that I have joined Chi Flo with Jo so many benefits for mind, body & soul I love that Jo guides us through the movements and it is at our own pace. Having the class recorded means I can catch up later if I miss the morning session and then Tip of the day is always interesting. I have recommended joining the Chi Flo community to my friends"

-Jill Sandvoss

"I am so surprised how much I can connect with myself, the worldwide group and Joanne over Zoom! I didn't think I would enjoy or stick with it because it is online, but in her easy style, she packs loads of instruction, information and positivity into the 30 minute session AND stays on for questions each day! Her emails are easy to digest and offer loads more like tips, recipes, TMC images and FAQs. Have recommended this to my sisters and loads of friends to try the last day of the month for free to see if it's for you. I feel better after the class and more importantly, I feel better mentally because I feel connected to myself, the group and the world."

-Megan McGrath


When our Chi / Life force is blocked we feel sad, exhausted, angry, upset or in pain. Join Chi Flow with Jo and experience a life of Health & Joy.

Chi Flow with Jo is an easy way to BE well, whatever your age, whatever your ability with daily Qi Gong classes online, Acupressure points, Recipes, and more.


Live weekday Qi Gong classes (8:30am) to get your body moving, your blood circulating with a group of likeminded people, practising routines that use movement, breath, acupressure points, and mental intention to balance and harmonize the flow of Chi in the body PLUS free monthly talks and access to our packed-full online library of classes, talks, mantras and satsangs, so you can watch, practice and listen at any time of day.


Initially €39/month for the first 3 months, reducing to €20/month thereafter – amazing value!  JOIN THE WAITLIST NOW!



Chi Gong’s gentle yet powerful movements, help move blood and oxygen around the body, nourishing the organs and tissues promoting healing. Chi Gong helps to calm the mind, relieving emotional stress, mental anxiety, balancing hormones, improving digestion, giving you a calm and balanced state of body and mind.


PLUS Your Monthly subscription gives you a 20% discount to ANY of my Online Courses and 1-1 consultations with me!



Experience Renewed Vitality with Joanne Faulkner’s Daily LIVE Online Qi Gong Classes for everyone:

Our ONLINE QI GONG classes focus on enhancing flexibility, targeting stiff joints, promoting bone density, improving energy levels, reducing pain and inflammation, promoting longevity and slowing ageing through gentle, purposeful movements. By integrating movement meditation and Qi Gong daily exercise, participants can reduce anxiety, achieve better immunity, digestion, sleep, breathing, and foster holistic well-being..
Join our empowering Chi Flow with Jo online community for unparalleled support and motivation with Qi Gong class for everyone. Embrace a journey of self-discovery and renewal with Joanne Faulkner’s expert guidance.

This is LIVE Qi Gong with access to Joanne Faulkner, every day for health guidance. Invest in your health and well-being today!

Prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing during this transformative phase of life. Age with grace and ease. Get Fab over 40, Get Fit over 50, Fantastic over 60 – Join us

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